Do You Need to Install Folding Doors?

Folding doors make brilliant alternatives to sliding doors and French doors. As a matter of fact, they are getting very popular these days because they aren’t just trendy, but they can also help you save up some space. If you’re thinking of installing a new door, you may want to consider folding doors right off the bat.  

Folding doors consists of several leaves that fold when closing or opening them up. They are fitted with runners. When in operation, they fold and slide at once. These doors don’t use up so much space to open and close in the same way as hinged doors and French doors do. You also don’t need to adjust to a small entranceway like you normally would when using sliding doors. 

Advantages of Folding Doors 

Folding doors are also known as traffic doors and they may be installed depending on your preferred configuration. In reality, folding doors are just like conventional doors, only they have a bi-fold system that makes them a whole lot better. For starters, they allow for quick access to your home because you don’t have to slide and fold every element in the system. That’s the reason why can be quite useful for busy entrances. 

Don’t confuse sliding doors from folding doors because the latter offers a two-prong feature. Because the latter slides and folds, it requires runners, which traditional sliding doors don’t have. Sliding doors don’t fold themselves and only one of their leaves moves. 

Sliding Doors versus Folding Doors  

You might say that it’s cheaper to install sliding doors than folding doors and you’re willing to settle on the less expensive choice. However, sliding doors don’t offer the same benefits as folding doors. For one thing, sliding doors have a stationary leaf, which means one part of its permanently blocked. Folding doors won’t impede your living space or any exterior space around it just like sliding doors, but they also give you the full entranceway that you wanted.  

Folding doors opens the entire aperture while only a small amount of space will be taken up by the permanently folded leaves. This is the feature that makes it far more superior than traditional hinged doors and but more functional than sliding doors. 

Folding Doors as Exterior Doors  

Another added functionality of folding doors is the fact that they can be used as exterior doors as well. As a matter of fact, they’re your best choices. And it’s because these doors open up easily, thus allowing you to go from indoor to outdoor as easy, fast, and hassle-free as you want.  

Folding doors then become the best option if you want to install a garden, patio, or outdoor kitchen. They actually make confined spaces look big so you should really consider them in your home if you have a limited space. Consult with some experts to see if folding doors are indeed the best choice for you. They should also tell you what type to best install for your home. Talk to them and request a quote today.