Awesome Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit in Great Shape

Air conditioners are awesome because they keep us cool and relaxed on a piping hot day. A big help for not getting dehydrated during summer and well at nights when the wind is still or you don’t want to open the window because of bugs. Just like furnaces, these machines also need maintenance in order to work efficiently and provide you with the cool temperature you need for your room.  

The air conditioner absorbs the heat from inside the room and transfers it outside, all the while using chemicals to transform the air or gas to liquid in order to cool it down and back to gas. All of these are possible because of the air con units three major components which are the evaporator, compressor and condenser.  


Here are a quick fix tips for your Air Conditioning Unit to keep it cool and maintained for better performance: 


  • Problem: There is water leaking by the HVAC 

HVAC is short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. If there is water leaking by the HVAC then this means your drain line is probably clogged or disconnected. Check it and make sure that the drain line is properly attached and isn’t filled with debris. Water going into the machine if it isn’t supposed to be there may cause problems. 


  • Problem: The Air Conditioning Unit keeps cycling on and off 

If this happens then the condenser, evaporator unit and fan is probably very dirty and couldn’t function properly because of dust buildup and other things that are blocking them from functioning properly. Has it cleaned and get a professional to check your Air Con’s thermostat? That way, if the problem is not the condenser, evaporator unit and fan, it’s probably the thermostat who’s going haywire.  


  • Problem: The Temperature of the room is not cool enough 

If this happens, there’s a chance that the airflow is blocked. Clean the source of the air flow and replace the air filter. Also move things away like plants that are near the condenser. It also helps to shade the unit or cover it with a Styrofoam or something that can block the heat from reaching the actual unit up to prevent overheating or the unit having trouble cooling the air. You can also replace the insulation on the refrigerant line because it’s probably worn out. This can contribute to the fact that your Air Con is having a hard time cooling the area.  


With these signs it’s easier to determine if you are in need of an AC Repair and in Calgary, it’s definitely easier to call an AC Repair Calgary Service Provider. Calgary Furnace and AC Repair help maintain a comfortable environment and temperature at your home. With their service it is sure that your Air Conditioning Unit will be in better shape and be more efficient in cooling your rooms. You can visit their website to find out more about the products and services they offer as well as their contact details.